Meet Henry Glint. He’s a pretty normal guy with a pretty normal job.  His girlfriend Rachel is pretty perfect. They share a normal life and big plans for a perfectly normal future. But Henry is about to discover there is a parallel world, just beyond his reach, that is not normal. He is about to throw his simple little life completely out of schedule.

When Henry makes the chance purchase of a new chocolate bar in the office vending machine, he opens up a portal to Timeslow where time slows down. Suddenly he has much more time to be… more normal.

It’s no surprise that Henry sees the opportunity as a way to impress his boss, win that big promotion, and make Rachel’s dreams come true. Instead, Henry discovers he has dreams of his own. As he begins to spend more time in this parallel world he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into the world and the lives of the people who live there. Henry’s regular life begins to spin rapidly out of control.

Timeslow is a highly stylised film shot on rolling sets of ply wood and cardboard. Set in the 80’s, this Romantasy is bright and bold - from the big hair and short shorts to hand-crafted sets and stop-motion animation. Timeslow marries the tactile aesthetic and immediacy of theatre with the kinetic energy of film. It is a unique and whimsical ride, so get ready to remember how you felt that first time you fell in love with a stranger.

a film by Sally Tran

produced by Owen Hughes + Sally Tran

written by Steve Barr + Sally Tran